Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chapter 2, Part 4 Funding of Title IV-E Adoption Assistance

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What is the current rate of federal funding?

The current rate of Federal Financial Participation (FFP) as of Oct 1, 2013 is 63.02% of the adoption assistance payment.  The rate may change slightly on October 1, 2014, but it will remain above 60%.

The non-federal matching share is 36.97%

What is the state’s financial obligation?

The state pays the non-federal portion of adoption assistance (36.97%) up to $250 per month.  The first $250 in adoption assistance is free to the county agency.

What is the state’s financial obligation?

The county agency must pay the non-federal share of each dollar of adoption assistance over $250 per month up to the foster home rate.  (36.97%)

What level of  government level pays for what:

Federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance

















May adoption assistance agreements be renegotiated?

Yes, at any time.  Presumably, a request for an amendment to the agreement would be prompted by changes in the child’s needs and/or family circumstances.

 The law requires the same obligation to re-negotiate as to negotiate the initial agreement. Adoptive parents have the same appeal rights on requests to amend adoption assistance agreements and increase monthly payments as they do in the negotiation of the initial adoption assistance agreement.

Note: Agencies will often point to the opportunity to renegotiate as a reason for accepting a lower amount of adoption assistance than you feel is adequate. 

May agencies unilaterally lower adoption assistance payments?


“The adoption assistance payments may not be automatically adjusted without the agreement of the adoptive parents for any reason other than an across-the-board reduction or increase in foster care maintenance rates.”  Source: The Child Welfare Policy Manual stipulates in Section 8.2D.4, Question 2.  (Note: Click on Link to access the manual).

May county agencies propose to reduce adoption assistance

Yes.  But the county agency would have the burden of justifying its proposed action at a state administrative hearing if the parents disagreed.  The payments would remain the same pending the outcome of the hearing.