Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Ohio Federal, State and County Financial Participation Rates in Title IV-E Adoption Assistance

Ohio Department of Job and and Family Services' Family and Children and Adult Services Procedure Letter (FCASPL) 224, issued on October 14, 2011, stated that effective October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012, the federal financial participation (FFP) rate for both Title IV-E adoption assistance and Title IV-foster care maintenance will be 64.15%.

The State of Ohio contributes the non federal matching share of adoption assistance payments up to a maximum of $250 per month. Without negotiated participation by county agencies, Ohio's adoption assistance rates would be among the very lowest in the country.

County agencies must provide the non federal matching funds at the rate of 35.85% for every dollar of adoption assistance over $250 up to the child's monthly foster home payment. For this reason, the negotiation process is of crucial importance to adoptive parents.

In my experience, adoptive parents who are willing to inform themselves and to take an active role in negotiating adoption assistance agreements always obtain a better support plan for their special needs children than parents who passively accept an agency proposal which they feel is inadequate. Here are two examples of Ohio's 2012 federal, state and county financial participation rates for Title IV-E adoption assistance payments.

Total Monthly Adoption Assistance Payment:$500
First $250

Federal Share: $160,37 (64.15% of $250); State Share: $89.63.78 (35.85%% of
$250); County 0

Remaining $250

Federal Share: $160,37 (64.15% of $250); State Share: 0; County Share: $89.63.78 (35.85%% of $250)

Totals: $500

Federal Share:$318.45 63.69% of $500 State: $89.63.78 of $500; County $89.63 of $500

Total Monthly Adoption Assistance Payment:$1,000

First $250

Federal Share: $160,37 (64.15% of $250); State Share: $89.63.78 (35.85%% of
$250); County Share: 0

Remaining $750

Federal Share: $481.12 (64.15% of $750);State Share: 0; County Share: :$268.88
(35.85% of $750)

Totals: $1,000

Federal Share: $641.50 (64.15% of $1,000);State :$89.63.78 of $1,000; County
$268.88 of $1.000